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Artwork by Sam

Sam Mehan's paintings are a description of the way he see's energy and life. The use of 'Dot Art' is a style he was taught by Serge Morcombe a distinguished Biripi artist from the Taree area.

The Contemporary style of painting depict the energy and connections he has with Aboriginal Culture from within, his Spirit surfaces through his paintings, showing the movemnet, light and heartflet connection to the Indigenous People of Australia.

Sam doesn't paint traditional Aboriginal Dreamings or stories as it goes against the Law of Aborigional Culture in that Dreamings are only to be painted by those who have been Initiated for a certain area, Sacred place or Dreaming.   


Permission has been given to Sam to paint in the style he does by the Elders of the Aboriginal People he has spent significant time with, namely the Biripi, Wardaman and Jawoyn People. 

The common theme or representation within the paintings is; the Aboriginal Flag done using colors, hands or landscapes, circles or cycles of life and Energy working with colors and movement using Dots.


The stories within the Paintings are sams own travels, experiences, lessons, growth and ways he sees life. Each painting is done for a particular person, no duplications are done, he believes that a painting will sing up its owner, call out to the person who is in need of the medicine to work with the energy that is required for the person to grow, become clear with an issue or lead them to their learning that they are experiencing at the time. 

The color, design and movement is all 'Medicine' when it hangs on the wall it will give off energy for as long as the Canvas lasts, the message or healing of the Art will seep into the hearts of many who come in contact with the Artwork. Medicine has to be used, shared and passed on, nothing is ours to own and the medicine of the paintings will assist with energy flow through the body and heart.  






Sam Mehan


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