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Mar 24

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Sat, 24 Mar 2012 19:15:46 GMT  RssIcon

In 2011 there was some amazing experiences of inner awareness and growth, a continual fine tuning of purpose for myself and ridji-didj as an entity. The year ahead, now 2012 see's another chapter and a deepening of purpose. It is time to put all the skills, knowledge and purpose into of my favorite sayings "this is what we trained for".
2011 - knowing myself through past patterns...clearing the path.
2012 - Jan- Clarifying purpose with intent 'a platform for all to be their best'
- Feb - Strategy to action plan 'clarifying needs'
- Mar - The Plan initiated
- may/june - Run unique tours into country with Elders full Cultural experience
- July - Head back into the Northern Territory for 3 to 4 months

Acceptance of gifts within and acknowledgment of where to best place my skills has seen a development of a unique tour experience come to life. Entering into the depths of Culture and Country.
A diversity of experiences from;
'full Granny - walk into country and survive with Elder',
'Culture view - connection with country, art, foods, stories, history/future'
'Didjeridoo - collection/making/playing of your own didj with an Elder both traditional and contemporary style. Philosophies of didj, traditional rhythms, contemporary playing etc
'Traditional Hunting - Prepare spears, hone skills and hunt with Elders for fish, crabs, cray and collect foods, hear stories and share with Elders a part of their life, a Culture in Arnhem Land'

I am excited, nourished by life, have peace of mind and place of heart. Lets fuel the fire of life with intent, love and happiness. Acknowledging the now as a chance to learn.

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