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Djalu Gurruwiwi

Djalu Gurruwiwi is the leader and Elder of the Galpu Clan and part of the Yolngu Nation. He has been passing on his knowledge of the Yirdaki for many years to his People and the rest of the world, just as his father taught it to him.
Djalu believes in sharing and bringing together people of all nations which he does through the Yirdaki. The Yirdaki has been a way in keeping the pride of the Galpu clan strong, the family together and spreading the Wisdom Djalu has to share throughout the world.
Galpu people speak the Dhangu language and they are Dhuwa people. In ceremony, the Galpu people sing about: dolphin, seagull, thunder and lighting, the build-up of clouds, Wititj the Olive Python and djaykung the file snake, amongst others.
Djalu lives near Gove, Gove is situated in the north-east corner of Arnhem Land, fringed by the Arafura Sea in the north, and the Gulf of Carpentaria in the west.

I have been fortunate enough to have spent time with Djalu both at Garma 06' and at his ski beach home with his family, Dopiya Yunupingu (Djalu's wife and talented artist), Dhangal Gurruwiwi (Djalu's sister), Winiwini Gurruwiwi (Djalu's son - Larry), and many others from the Galpu mob. During this time Djalu and Larry took me out into their Country and taught me how to hear the Tree's when cutting a Yirdaki so as to get the pefect one and not cut down anything that wouldn't make a good Yirdaki. They taught me their process to making a Yirdaki while many Creation Stories or 'Dreamings' were told, this was an amazing time as i not only got to learn the techniques but also feel the Ancestral Links to the Yirdaki and how it came to be!

Footage of the Garma experience can be viewed in the 'Video Clips' page and a full DVD is available through      ridji-didj shop. Check it out and feel the 'Dreaming' of Djalu Gurruwiwi and im sure you will see and feel the  beauty of this man and the Wisdom Djalu has to share!